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Signature Yoga Program

This is a 10 week Signature Program course. You are more than welcome to stay on after the 10 weeks is finished and then pay the One to One price. The price includes:

-One to One Personal Online Yoga Coaching

-One to One yoga session via video link per week

-Nutrition Plan

-Weekly emails

-Weekly newsletter

-Video you can download with your specific requirements

-One to one contact whenever you need me

-1 guest pass for a free 1 hour class

-1x Hand made Soft Cotton Lavender Eye Mask 

-Personalised yoga video with instructions


To purchase either add to basket or click on the Signature Program on the Home Page.


Whether you are a CEO of a huge company or an employee, you are still a human who needs to invest in yourself to help yourself feel better, live a better life and make the correct choices perfect for you.

Are you struggling to sleep? Are you going through a hard time with work commitments, family etc? Are you finding everything is just that little bit to much? Are you feeling slightly overweight and sluggish?

This signature program will help you make the correct choices in your life. It will combine yoga asanas (poses) with meditation, relaxation techniques, nutrition (to help make you chose better healthy options) and it will make you feel more happier and content in your everyday life. Together we explore certain topics and practices which will help you on your journey to find a better you and inspire you to think about and change and transformation inside your mind and body and transform the outer side of you.


Gemma is here to create a package specifically designed for you.

So how do you get from being sluggish to being really relaxed and ready to take on anything?

We together can create a signature program which combines yoga with health and well being. We will together delve deep into the roots of your body and mind and create a unique program for you to learn tools and techniques to create healthy habits which will last a lifetime.

What this program involves
We will work together to help you create more time in your life for some 'Me time'. We will look at how to create a little yoga sanctuary in your own home. Help you to get a better night's sleep. Help you to eat well and make the correct nutritional choices in the food you eat. We will look into deep relaxation techniques to help you relax more and allow your shoulders and neck to move further down, allowing you to feel calmer and less tense. Help you to connect to your body and mind, knowing when your triggers are so you can put into place all these techniques to feel calmer and more relaxed. Help you to rely less on surgery drinks and foods and for you to feel energised by the good fuel you are putting in your body. We will look into certain yoga poses and maybe even create a flow for you to practice at home or we can practice together.

We will look into some correct breathing techniques for your goals and for you to feel calmer and less stressed. I will send you a handmade lavender eye mask to get you started with relaxation. 

We will schedule in one hour a week or more if you would like, via Skype or Zoom and I will send you information about all the things to help you create a better you.

What yoga can help with:

- Stiff joints
- Become more flexible
- Weight Loss
- A better mind and body connection
- A understanding of you bodies needs
- Better uninterrupted sleep
- Ease headaches
- Become stronger and leaner
- Less back pain 
- Possibly be able to come off prescribed medication
- Stress and Anxiety
- Skin imbalances
- Sluggishness
- Feel calmer and more grounded
- Correct breathing techniques
- Becoming a more positive person

If you are experiencing any of these concerns then get in touch. I can help you connect back to your body and mind and make you feel calmer and more relaxed.