EasYoga Holistic Coaching Program

EasYoga Holistic Coaching Program

Gemma the founder of Easyoga, helps female business professionals to repair the relationship with yourself, your partner and your family without seeing a family therapist, changing your personality or leaving your job.

Gemma will show you the 

ONLY WAY to have a happy, healthy relationship with yourself, your partner and your family is by healing yourself inside and out.


And the ONLY WAY to truly heal yourself inside and out is through EasYoga.


Secret #1: It Starts With You

“How To Wake Up Everyday Feeling Good About Yourself Even If The Rest Of Your World Is Crumbling Around You”


Secret #2: Unhooking Your Mind

“How To Not Only Save Your Relationship After Trauma But Strengthen It So It Survives The Unthinkable”


Secret #3: The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side”

“How To Safely Let Go Of A Toxic Relationship If You Need To”


Gemma is here to create a package specifically designed for you.


We together can create a program which combines yoga with health and well being. We will together delve deep into the roots of your body and mind and create a unique program for you to learn tools and techniques to create healthy habits which will last a lifetime and will save your relationship.

This program is for people who are just starting to realise their relationships are less loving, less intimate and less supportive than they used to be it will give you the tools you need reset the balance and bring back the spark on your first try.

Its for those of you whose realised you’ve not slept in the same room, not seen each other in weeks because of work or are starting to feel uncomfortable in the same room as your partner it will give you the missing peace that you’ve been searching for.

Now I am here to share with you, how to repair the relationship with yourself, your partner and your family without seeing a family therapist, changing your personality or leaving your job.

If you’ve struggled to repair your relationships in the past, I want you to know it’s not your fault. There’s so much misinformation out there and it can not only be confusing, it can knock your self-esteem every-time it doesn’t work. If you’re in that place where you’re thinking, you can’t have the happy relationship, the work-life balance or look in the mirror and love the person looking back at you I want you to know you truly can, if the right person is helping you. One of the things people don’t like to think about when it comes to councillors, therapists and relationship gurus is that they get paid because your relationships aren’t working. If you’ve ever wondered that they want you to fail, unfortunately, some of them do. In fact, 37% of all couples separate within 4 years after therapy… But, thankfully, I do and I’m here to share with you a powerful way you truly can have the career, the relationships and the loving family you grew up dreaming about.

I’m in the process of sharing my revolutionary new programme with the world but wanted to give you an opportunity to join first. We'll work side by side for 10 weeks and I'll also be making sure you have everything you need with regards to workbooks, equipment and resources so that you're guaranteed to succeed. But because it's so hands on from my end, there are only 5 spaces and as my campaign is starting next week I'm only keeping this open for the next 24 hours - go to the Get in Touch button or click the link to purchase or whizz me a private message if you want to have a quick chat to find out whether it's going to be suitable for you.

Now you are probably thinking that isn’t going to work for me or maybe that you’ve tried things before and they’ve promised the earth but delivered very little. So this is how I guarantee that you will succeed.


The program gives you 10 live coaching sessions with me, so that you can repair the relationship with yourself, your partner and your family without seeing a family therapist, changing your personality or leaving your job. You also get  access to me 24/7 7 days a week, Personal one to one videos, Weekly or daily chats, the members club, case studies, workbooks, audio guides etc so you can effectively transition into the partner you have always wanted to be. You get access to a private members community so that never have to feel like you are going through it alone.

Now you also get bonuses to help you get started, I’ve included this in a  bundle. I am giving you a very special offer that if you sign up before the end of the next 24 hours, I will include an M-Life Yoga Mat, A Yoga Block and a Yoga Resistance Band. As well as some forever living products and essential oils all worth over £100. Go all in for the next 24 hours to really help you on your way to have a better relationship with yourself and others.

If you are not sure click on the Get In Touch button at the bottom and give me call.

Have a look at the testimonials to see how amazing this program actually is.


  • Payment Options

    There are different payment options for you. Just contact Gemma and we can arrange payment. 

    Option 1 - Pay in full.

    Option 2- Pay half now and pay the other half once the 10 weeks is up.

    Option 3 - Pay in weekly instalments. 



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