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TOPTSOFI 150lbs Resistance Bands Set Review

This set of resistance bands are great. They are a great add on to any at home work out equipment or for travel. They come in a great little carry bag which can be stored away nicely.

I have used different resistance bands in the past and this set is great. I like the way it attaches to the door, making it like a TRX. Great for any kind of resistance training.

The bands are all different weights and lengths which are below:

Resistance and length:

Yellow Band = 10 lbs- 48in

Blue Band = 20 lbs- 48in

Green Band = 30 lbs- 48in

Black Band = 40 lbs- 48in

Red Band = 50 lbs- 48in

Package Included:

5 x TOTTOP Resistance Bands

2 x Foam Handles

2 x Ankle Straps

1 x Door Anchor

1 x Portable Carry Bag

1 x Workout guide

I like the way the handles and ankle straps can be interchangeable and can be used for any kind of exercise. The handles are really comfortable and are made from foam so any grip is made comfortable for this.

The children like joining in on my workouts to and they have been using the yellow band. Each band can be used for different exercises to target different parts of the body. A great all round circuit training tool. I love it and would certainly recommend it to anyone.

The instruction booklet is good and demonstrates a lot of good exercises. I have also used this for training and warmups and find this really good. I like the colours of the bands and how they represent each weight. This way you will not get confused. It does state 150lbs but that is all the bands in one. Each one is stated on the band as to what weight corresponds with the band or as is described above.

A great all round workout tool.

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I hope you find this post helpful.

Let me know!

Have a blessed day!

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