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30 Reasons to Practice Yoga

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

30 Reasons to Practice Yoga Here are 30 Reasons why yoga is just so good to have in your life. Take a look and see for yourself. - Relieves Stress - Improves Breathing - Eases Pain - Improves Circulation - Increases Strength - Increases Endurance - Lowers Heart Rare - Develops Inner Peace - Lengthens Muscles - Increases Flexibility - Reduces Cortisol Levels - Improves Concentration - Increases Range of Motion - Dissolves Ego - Develops Compassion - Enhances Energy - Heals Ailments - Fosters Joy - Weight Loss - Lubricates Joints - Dextoxes the Body - Strengthens the Abdomen - Improves Memory - Delays Ageing - Burns Fat - Improves Posture - Improves Metabolism - Builds Immune System - Improves Balance - Brings Harmony

By looking at some of the reasons why, can you see if you can spot at least 5 of them you need to feel more you. For example do you need to improve your balance? Are you quite tight in your Hamstrings or shoulders? Are you in pain everyday? Are you stressed? Why not join our Facebook group for tips on yoga, How to Series, Nutrition etc. Just search Easyoga Collective on Facebook or click the link at the bottom of the page for Facebook. Or go one better and give me a call to discuss your individual needs. Just click on the website link at the bottom of the page to call. Handmade Lavender Eye Masks Lavender is a proven way to help relax your busy mind. I have handmade some lavender eye masks which are for sale at £10 each with free delivery. Lavender has a soothing reputation as a natural alternative to help you relax, unwind and let go of stress. It also helps with anxiety and depression. I absolutely love these eye masks. They smell wonderful and are really soft. They are made with 100% cotton on the outside and a polyester filling (made from recycled duvets) on the inner to make it feel soft on the face. There are 3 small dried lavender bags inside each mask, making them smell and feel divine. Head over to the website to have a browse of the products we have on offer. https://www.easyoga.co.uk/shop

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