On Demand Breathing Techniques

So many people suffer with Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia, Tight muscles etc. This is mostly due to not using the correct breathing techniques.


Have you ever looked at the way babies and children breath? They use their abdomen as well as their chest to inflate their lungs, giving them a full round of oxygen to flow throughout their bodies. Its only during adulthood that we seem to breathe shallowly and not use our lungs to their full potential. Hence why we feel sluggish, tired and stressed.


We are not getting near enough oxygen to our lungs to function to our full capacity. Hence low oxygen levels to our brains making it work inefficiently. Your breath is one of your best defences against daily stress, frustration, and genuinely living a healthy lifestyle. Once you learn the art of expert inhaling and exhaling, you'll likely to start to feel better. You might notice that you have developed more resilience and grace and just learn to let go.

Here are a few of my favourite Breathing Techniques for you to feel amazing, calm and relaxed.

Click On The Video For 10 Minute Seated Breathing Techniques Tutorial

Click On The Video For A 6 Minute Square Breathing Technique Tutorial

Click On The Video For A 5 Minute Ujjayi Breathing Technique Tutorial

Click On The Video For Another 10 Minute Ujjayi Breathing Technique Tutorial


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