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Inspirit Collective Yoga Bra's and Pants

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I am so happy and proud to be an ambassador for this company Inspirit Collective. 

They have such beautiful yoga bras and pants which are so soft and are very comfortable.

This company has some great ethics. They create and make the clothing as eco friendly and conscious as much as they possibly can. The bra's are all made in Bali where the original idea came from. They are not made in big industrial factories, they are made by lovely, friendly people who are always smiling and love their job. Even the packaging is ethically sourced, economical and environmentally friendly which is made from organic cotton. The cute little bags the tops come in are so sweet and can be used for a few other things to. 

All of the tops are made with 90% Indonesian cotton with the rest 10% lycra.

I already have five of these tops and will definitely be buying more. 

People comment on these tops whenever I wear them. They are so stylish and I love each back to them. So cute, stylish, flexible to move around in, sustainably sourced and the most comfortable bra I ever been in. I love buying local and this is a great company with all the right ethics.

Grab your discount today.

Get a 15% discount with code at the checkout using 'Yogigemma15' 


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Take a look though the products by clicking the blue box opposite and choose your option.

Lavender has a soothing reputation as a natural alternative to help you relax, unwind and let go of stress. It also helps with anxiety and depression. I absolutely love these eye masks.

They smell wonderful and are really soft.

They are made with 100% cotton on the outside and a polyester filling (made from recycled duvets) on the inner to make it feel soft on the face.

There are 3 small dried lavender bags inside each mask, making them smell and feel divine.

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