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Fix Your Relationship Through Yoga


Hello, I am Gemma. I am here to help you with your own yoga journey. If you have a very stressful job and just need some 'Me time' I'm here to guide you through your yoga journey, for you to meet your deadlines and not to feel so overwhelmed by it all.

I am here to help you repair the relationship with yourself, your partner and your family without seeing a family therapist, changing your personality or leaving your job.

Head over to the Classes section for more information on when and where I teach and also for more information on my Signature Program and One to One Online classes. 

About me : My husband and I went backpacking around the world in 2006 and I saw people practising yoga on a beach in Thailand. I thought it looked idyllic so I bought an idiots guide to yoga in Malaysia and then a mat in New Zealand. 
When I was pregnant with our first child Hugo, I qualified as a yoga teacher. I found this really helped with my pregnancy and labour. 
I received my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training qualification in 2013. 
Im so passionate about teaching and this comes across in my classes. 
My husband Darren and I have two children, Hugo and Brianna. They also join in with my yoga when I'm self practising.
I teach all kinds of yoga from Hatha through to Vinyasa Flow and meditation. I also teach via Skype for those who cannot get to classes.
I look forward to seeing you on the mat very soon. Namaste

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Have been going to Gemma's classes for a couple of years now. The changes in me have been huge! My balance, core strength and flexibility has all improved on top of being able to relax more quickly when needed. Love the classes and recommend to all. This will inspire you to take up yoga. - Alex


Gemma has been an incredible addition to my life. After suffering a long time from both a bad elbow and back injury (both sport related), I was limited in what exercise, and even yoga, I could do. I was nervous about returning to any form of exercise but Gemma made me feel so at ease and gave me some great modifications to do which were supportive of the injuries. Since being back at yoga and in her classes, it has given me the much needed confidence and strength both physically and emotionally to go back to doing exercise again. She is a hugely positive influence in my life and I feel so grateful to have found her! Her classes are challenging yet accessible to all as modifications are always given. She has a calm and welcoming manner and is lovely to be around. Her yoga is based mainly on Hatha flow, but often some Astanga thrown in there too to mix it up! She varies the sequences in her classes, and will often offer a head massage at the end during relaxation, which is AMAZING! A lot of her clients come from word of mouth showing what a fantastic teacher she is. I absolutely love her classes and can't recommend them enough, they are such good value for money. She is an absolute delight. - Rebecca 

Green Leaves

For at least four years, maybe more, I’ve been  going to one of Gemma’s yoga classes. For the majority of my adult life I’ve managed near constant lower back pain with painkillers, beginning most days in considerable pain. Since doing yoga with Gemma I’m stronger, more supple and best of all completely pain free! I’m immensely grateful to Gemma for her commitment, knowledge, kindness and patience. - Daisy 

Cobra Pose

The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness.

Sakyong Mipham


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Get in touch to repair the relationship with yourself, your partner and your family without seeing a family therapist, changing your personality or leaving your job.

21 Dacre Gardens, Upper Beeding, Steyning, West Sussex, BN44 3TD


01903 814201

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